about this game

progressive quest is a fantasy game by eiríkr åsheim
and cameron higby-naquin.

inspired by progress quest, it allows the player to
take on the role of a "real life" social justice warrior,
and do battle against the many foes of social justice.

your character's progress is saved locally. you can close and
reopen the game and your stats and equipment will be maintained.

WARNING: do not run the game in multiple simultaneous tabs.
this will produce non-deterministic results. future updates
may allow players to run multiple characters simultaneously.

development started during #ruinjam, a game jam dedicated
to ruining videogames. the jam's guidelines are:

  1. minority characters with agency
  2. game devs/critics having social/romantic lives
  3. social justice warriors
  4. games that aren't "real games" whatever that is
  5. not being able to jump, shoot, kill, or be killed
  6. criticism or satire of existing game franchises

currently, this game hits #2-6. it is under active development,
and we are optimistic about hitting #1 as well.

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