Cameron Higby‑Naquin


The Ninth Archive
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A Reality that Entwines with Our Own

My Neocities Site

BBS connected to a series of strange realms.

Petrichor (zine)

Advent of the Witch

Caudex Gobelinus (zine)

The Practical Book of Goblins. Watch video.


Artifacts saved from collapsing social media empires.


Voltaic Vaults

In a future bereft of organic life, the domain of the machines is far underground.

Crusty Kobolds

Kicks, cops, and keeping it together as a down-and-out demihuman.

Progressive Quest

Idle RPG that contributes to the death of video games.

Quiz of Monster Quizzes

Dark beings lurk at the hearts of quizzes. Find out which one you are!

Terms and Conditions

Minigame on the subject of license agreements and service plans run amok.


The Spoken Rune

Poetry and prose read aloud


Elm Elevenses

Resources for learning & using the Elm language


Look up Magic: The Gathering cards on the command line. Useful for goofing off at work.