Cameron Higby‑Naquin


The Ninth Archive
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A Chronicle of Entwined Fates

Petrichor (zine)

Advent of the Witch

Caudex Gobelinus (zine)

The Practical Book of Goblins


An explorable non-game


Collection of scribblings

Strange Realms

Pathways through unrealities

Path of Least Efficiency

Partially-defunct tumblr


Voltaic Vaults

In a future bereft of organic life, the domain of the machines is far underground.

Crusty Kobolds

Kicks, cops, and keeping it together as a down-and-out demihuman.

Progressive Quest

Homage to the greatest online RPG of all time with some political skewness.

Quiz of Monster Quizzes

Dark beings lurk at the hearts of quizzes. Find out which one you are!

Terms and Conditions

Minigame on the subject of license agreements and service plans run amok.


The Spoken Rune

Poetry and prose read aloud


Little Weaver Web Collective

We make websites


Look up Magic: The Gathering cards on the command line. Useful for goofing off at work.